Sunday, November 11, 2012

Let's Make the Climate Movement a Mighty Beast!

Rachel, Pete, and Curtis protesting outside the second presidential debate at Hempstead, NY
We're The Pissed-Off Polar Bears, and we intend to do everything imaginable to help the climate movement become a mighty beast that cannot be vanquished!

We were the ONLY climate protesters that were present at the Republican National Convention, the Democratic National Convention, and all three presidential debates.  (Where WAS everybody?  For all the movement caterwauled about climate change not being mentioned in the debates--aside from us--only Whit Jones of the Energy Action Coalition showed up at multiple events!)  (Whit RULES!)

We spent the first half of this year reading up on successful nonviolent movements of the past, and are convinced that the political stranglehold of dirty energy will only be broken if the entire movement utilizes an aggressive and brilliant nonviolent strategy.  ("Nonviolent strategy", by the way, does not just mean being "peaceful", and "nice", and it certainly does not mean being "passive".  Nonviolence done right is provocative and fearless, and it requires intimate knowledge of the history, tactics, and principles of nonviolent struggle.  We will be posting continually about the indispensable lessons of nonviolent action.)

This is an entirely "winnable" contest!  The fossil fuel industry is putting every kid in the world at risk, including their own. They are basically destroying the planet for every other person, and every other business, in every nation on Earth.  And even their own employees will not be able to escape the catastrophe that's coming.  We intend to rally the entire business community, as well as dirty energy's own workforce, and their families, to take a stand to stop the insanity and save our life support system!

Finally, we intend to have a little fun, because, according to Otpor (the movement that overthrew a dictator in Serbia), humor is the ultimate weapon!  Our cohort Pete the Pissed-Off Polar Bear will give regular blogs, podcasts, and videos for you entertainment.

So let's take it to another level--WE'VE GOT A PLANET TO SAVE!

--Curtis Hannum


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