Thursday, November 15, 2012

This Blog Is Not About Climate Change, It's About the Climate Movement

There are a lot of climate change blogs.  We know, we’ve been reading ‘em.

There are blogs pretending it isn’t happening at all.  (Never mind them.)

There are blogs proving it’s happening, with great stories about alternative energy sprinkled in.

We’re not here to prove it’s happening, because IT JUST IS.  We appreciate the work the blogs (in the second category) are doing and we keep up with them as best we can.  But we’re mainly concerned with THE CLIMATE MOVEMENT. 

Most people don’t even know there IS a climate movement.  That’s just sad.

We’re here to watch the movement, to push and prod and grow the movement.  That’s what we’re all about: movement building.  We’ve studied nonviolent movements extensively, we’ve become acquainted with the organizations of the climate movement, and we ourselves have been out in the streets doing our best.  (It’s been surprisingly lonely out there…Where is everybody?!)

We’re here to win.  Future generations won’t give a lick how hard we tried, they’ll only care if we leave them a livable planet.  Our aim is to find the fastest and most effective route to success, because life as we know it is depending on us all.



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