Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks for the Earth – While We Still Have It

Everyone who’s ever lived has  been blessed by a gift greater than anything anyone’s ever wished for,  without which we simply wouldn’t be here.  And that’s the beautiful Earth that sustains us.  Our ancestors worshipped this, to them the Earth was sacred, the wind, the water, and all of life.  They were fully aware of the miracle that they lived in the middle of.  

Now we live in a time where the Earth is almost a prop, something we exploit for our convenience but that we really don’t think that much about.  We certainly don’t worship it.  

And yet, imagine, what if it all went away?  They say that perhaps there was a time life could have existed on Mars, what if one day there comes a time when life once lived on Earth?  There’s no guarantee that this rock hurtling through space is going to remain a place suitable for life, let alone home to the perfect conditions of the Holocene Epoch that have fostered the growth of civilization from the Fertile Crescent to the present day.

This is such a gift we’ve inherited, such a miracle.  Let’s revere it again.  Let’s fight to keep it healthy and whole.   Let’s put our priorities in the right place.  Money and markets attract far more of our attention, and far more of our care, than the Earth.  That’s not only misguided, it’s crazy.

Let’s give thanks for the Earth, and do whatever we can to make sure that future generations will be able to do the same.  And who knows, maybe if we do it well enough, our descendants will give thanks for us too.

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