Tuesday, November 13, 2012

McKibben Issues a "Call to Adventure" on his Do The Math Tour

Sunday night we attended Bill McKibben's Do the Math Tour in Los Angeles.  We were happy to be there, and liked what we heard, including McKibben issuing this Call to Adventure:

"There's really no more important place that you all could be right now.  Very few human beings ever get the chance to say "I'm doing the most important thing I could be doing at this minute.  But if you join in this fight - as you join in this fight - you will be able to say that and it will be absolutely true.  (Climate change) is the biggest thing human beings have ever done... and so standing up to it is the biggest thing human beings can be doing."

We absolutely agree.  This isn't some ordinary issue we decided to get riled up about.  This isn't some "in a perfect world" ideological cause we're making a stand about.  This is about protecting everyone's LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM before it collapses completely.  

In the words of scientist Tim Flannery, "in the years to come this issue will dwarf all the others combined, it will become the only issue."  

That's it.

We need all hands on deck for this, because nothing, EVER, has been this important. 



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