Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Earth Guardians, the Best Climate Organization for Youth, Need Funding for a Big Idea!

What I love about the Earth Guardians is they're ALWAYS fighting the climate fight.  Whenever I've swung by their house in Boulder, they are always planning for a demonstration, on their way to a demonstration, or rehearsing a rap show to deliver at their next demonstration.  They've gathered an amazing band of kids who meet regularly and are always involved in activism.  Always.  Recently they've been major players in fracking protests in Colorado.

These kids are in the movement for all the right reasons: to save their future.  They haven't and won't give up on their planet.  As long as there's a chance to save Mother Earth they will fight to keep her healthy.  They "believe" and they are committed to realize their vision.

They also believe in giving other kids autonomy to create their own movements with their own ideas, which is a lot more empowering and fun than being told what to do.  Their message is to get young people "to go out and be leaders of their own Green Revolution".

They've started a fundraiser on Indiegogo to help create little Earth Guardian hubs around the world.  This is the youth organization in the movement that has the right idea: they're constantly working, constantly engaged in activism (rather than groups who raise money so they can once-a-year organize something that gets kids worked up, only to have nothing for the kids to do next, which dissipates the kids' new-found passion into nothing, and actually serves to make kids dejected and cynical).

Earth Guardians need money to implement their effective model in other places.  Please help them out!  They need funds to realize their vision.  It will be money well spent, I can guarantee it!


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