Friday, December 7, 2012

Earth Guardians Take Over Fracking Hearing in Boulder

Two days ago at the Boulder County Commissioners public hearing on fracking, the Earth Guardians took a stand and made their opinions heard.

These KIDS have more stones than 99% of the grown-ups in the climate movement.  And, also unlike 99% of the grown-ups in the climate movement, they're doing it every day.

The fossil fuel industry has gamed the system.  Despite widespread popular opposition, they are able to quietly have their wishes rubber-stamped over and over again all across the nation, even in ultra-liberal Boulder, Colorado.  Environmentalists have tried and tried and tried to stop them through conventional channels, but time and again they lose more and more ground.  Enough.

Nonviolent activism appears to be our only recourse, until government starts working for the people's best interests again, and not the multinational corporations.

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