Saturday, December 1, 2012

Going to McKibben's "Do the Math" Tour? Here's How to Drive Change with Accountability & Motivation

If you see Bill McKibben's Do the Math tour in Omaha tonight, or Boulder Sunday night, or Salt Lake City on Monday, here's a way to turn inspiration into immediate action.

Three weeks ago in Los Angeles, Rachel and I attended Bill McKibben's Do the Math tour stop at UCLA.  Afterward, the house lights went up and everyone just left, all whipped up but nowhere to go.  Not Rachel.  She invited 6 people, 3 of whom we'd never met, to join us for beers in Westwood Village.  She asked everyone to make an action to pledge to do to give impetus to the movement, and we all exchanged numbers to hold one another to it.  

"And ask the person next to you to hold you accountable," Rachel insisted.  "I want to make a change, I'm inspired by what I heard.  I'm changed by what I heard.  I want to join this movement in a concrete way.  I want to make a pledge that I'm doing this.  Here's my phone number.  Call me and find out I did it."

So turn to the people you're sitting besides, or the people you came with, and make similar pledges.  Maybe you can organize a protest on campus, start a letter writing campaign to your alma mater or your church to divest, or join a climate group, or start your own, here in town.  

It will inspire them, and give more momentum to the movement.

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