Monday, December 10, 2012

Why I Do What I Do

Two summers ago I found myself wondering why the hell I’d become a “super  activist”, more committed to saving the climate than anyone I knew.

The usual answers popped through my mind.  “Because it’s so important!  All of civilization will collapse!  The ecosystems of the world will vanish.”

I had to press further because I knew that wasn’t quite it.

Then it hit me:  I always wanted to live for something greater than myself.  I wanted a calling that challenged me, that I could devote myself to completely and selflessly. Something real.  Something noble.  Something necessary.

When I realized how urgent and pressing the climate crisis was, I realized that I was living, not just in a period of great crisis, but in the time of THE greatest crisis humans have ever faced.  Here was my calling.

That's why I do this.



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