Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Flashback: Pete Calls for Activists to Join Us in Boca!

A message from Pete the Pissed-Off Polar Bear:

Dear Humans,

     I couldn't help noticing that YET AGAIN no one asked a question about climate change in the debate.

     Moderator Candy Crowley, in her infinite so-called wisdom, decided that since most people were concerned about economic questions she'd just have to ignore climate change.

     Oh!  Right!  People aren't concerned about THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR LIFE-SUPPORT SYSTEM!

     Sage choice, Cand!

     Anyway, before I go all "Siegfried and Roy's rogue tiger" on Candy, let's consider another culprit, someone YOU actually have control over....

     They don't ask questions about global warming because you humans aren't out on the streets protesting!

     We polar bears would do it if we could, but when we tried it last year in Churchill, Manitoba, HUMANS shot us with tranquilizer darts and put us in giant nets and then helicoptered us hundreds of miles away.  And that was on our home turf, can you imagine what they'd do to us in Boca Raton?!

     The Pissed-Off Polar Bears, a team of dedicated polar bears AND humans, were protesting at the debate in Denver and at Hofstra.  At DU there was a little group from 350.org and Energy Action Coalition, and at Hofstra the Young Evangelicals for Climate Action were there.  But at each debate it was only, like, 20 people.  WHERE THE HELL WAS EVERYONE ELSE?!

     "Oh, let's fight something that will literally cause the destruction of civilization with, like, 20 people.  That'll get a lot of press!  That'll scare the crap out of the politicians!"

     Where ARE you people?  Come to Boca, dudes!  Bring a polar bear hat.  Start making some noise and turning up the pressure.

     If you don't, one day you'll regret it, and if last summer's weather was any indication, that day will come a lot sooner than humans think!

Sorry to push you, but we've got a world to save!




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