Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Need to Stick to One Issue, the Climate

I'm just sick about gun violence in this country, and am posting late because my mental energy today has been spent on the soul-crushing tragedy in Connecticut yesterday.

I try not to opine on politics outside of the climate (and I fail miserably at it) because I intend to be a one-issue guy.  Climate change is advancing so quickly that we need everybody on board in a hurry or we'll all be screwed.  I want the bankers and gun owners and everybody else who I fundamentally disagree with on board to help us remove the fossil fuel industry's stranglehold on American energy policy.  I'm left-wing on everything but the death penalty (fry 'em!), but I'd yield on all of it to save the climate.

We MUST stop the ship from sinking.  We can fight about he rest later, but time is so short.



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