Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jim Lehrer Ignores Global Warming with Debate Topics

Oh look!  Jim Lehrer today announced the topics for the 6 questions at the first presidential debate in Denver October 3rd, and Gol 'Gee, none of them have anything to do with global warming:

Allow me to present a basic underpinning of how Nonviolent Struggle works, the struggle group must REMOVE THEIR CONSENT from their opponents.  In other words, it is no longer willing to sit passively by as the same ol' same ol' keeps getting shoved down their throats.  

We'll make the announcement more official tomorrow, but suffice to say we're going to push to get Jim Lehrer's mail box flooded with letters and postcards from kids all over the country over the next two weeks.  Jim Lehrer might not think global warming is all that important, but nothing will be more important to the future of all those kids if we don't do something to stop it.  

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