Saturday, September 15, 2012


Hello!  We are The Pissed-Off Polar Bears, and we want to get everybody on our side to stop the man-made climate catastrophe before it's too late!  (in other words, NOW!)  

This might seem impossible because no one's been able to do anything about it, but after months of reading up on Gene Sharp's books about Nonviolent Struggle, we believe that with an effective nonviolent strategy massive shifts can be created in public opinion and that this can happen in a hurry!  

We're also committed to what Serbia's Otpor movement learned, that the most effective weapons are humor and enthusiasm.

We just got back from The Republican National Convention in Tampa and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, were we introduced Pete the Pissed-Off Polar Bear to people in the streets and did many actions, including The Going-Away Party for FLORIDA! and our 8 Day Hunger Strike Against Global Warming: A Taste of Things to Come: Famine Practice!  

Now we're focused on the American Political Campaigns, where we intend to help get as many candidates elected who understand the urgency of this crisis.  Our main focus is on electing a president who "gets it" (Obama) and electing Senate candidates who will ratify an international climate treaty.

We intend to use and political rallies to recruit other activists.  

Much more to follow!  Join us!

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