Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Republicans Gonna Pressure Dem Senators, Let's Pressure BACK!

So the National Republican Senatorial Committee,  or NRSC, has wasted no time in trashing President Obama’s pledge to do something about climate disruption.

(I guess we’re supposed to call it that now, because the climate always changes, but it takes a lot to DISRUPT it, like humans are with your 761 metric tons of carbon emissions every single second!  So I’m going to try calling it climate DISRUPTION, even though it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.)

These NRSC dudes have decided that being against stopping the destruction of the world is a “winner”.


They’re gonna target Democratic Senators in four states: Louisiana, Alaska, Colorado, and Montana, because those states have a lot of fossil fuel sources, to see if they can scare the Senators from voting to save the climate.

Never mind that those four states have been clobbered by climate DISRUPTION already: Colorado’s been boiling hot and burning down, Louisiana has had it’s cities washed away by daily hurricanes (how many hurricanes are we gonna let those poor bastards get clobbered by?!), Alaska’s having all kinds of problems because the far North is heating up faster than anyone else, and don’t even get me started about Montana, Montana and Colorado both are having horrible problems with the bark beetles.

So, those Senators would be doing the right thing for their states by fighting climate DISRUPTION, and we gotta push them just as hard from our side to do the right thing!

And why stop there?!  The farm belt is getting clobbered by drought!  Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas have all been boiling hot for two years now and they all have Republican climate denier senators up for reelection in 2014.  These guys aren’t doing a very good job helping their states if they’re really just helping DESTROY their states!  Scientists are saying that by  2050 permanent dust bowls will extend from  California to Kansas!  Good lord, these people gotta start pushing their senators to do something about climate DISRUPTION, and we gotta help them!  We gotta go to those states and make it okay for people to want to do something about the climate!  

So, listen up NRSC, you’re not gonna gain Senators by fighting Obama on climate DISRUPTION, in fact, you’re gonna lose ‘em, NRSC losers!


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